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RPA Interceptor Sporting Rifle

Interceptor Sporting Rifle Brochure (3.86MB PDF)

A high performance sporting rifle manufactured from RPA’s world beating products, designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The heart of the RPA Interceptor is the RPA 4-lug Quadlite® action renowned for unrivalled accuracy, durability and safety. This will probably be the most accurate rifle you will ever own. Interceptors are available in single shot left or right handed formats and a wide range of calibre options. They are fitted with our own two stage trigger, equipped with a 2-position safety catch. Barrels are threaded to allow for easy fitting of the RPA muzzle brake or a suppressor.

RPA Interceptor Sporting Rifle

First Class Pedigree

The heart of any rifle is the receiver, developed from the Quadlock® and designed with the gun connoisseur in mind; the Quadlite® is designed for long range competition, sporting, varmint and bench shooters alike.

Built using over 30 years experience of high power long range competition target shooting the Quadlite® has a first class pedigree.

Crafted Precision

You know when you have a quality product in your hands, the beautifully balanced stock, smooth bolt operation and crisp trigger. Once you have experienced the joy of shooting the Interceptor we feel sure you will become a customer for life.

Safety & Engineering

Interceptor stocks are crafted from epoxy with glass and kevlar reinforcement, with a durable epoxy gel-coat outer layer before a final textured 2 pack paint finish.

The bedding area is made up with a hard solid fill of epoxy and resin; the butt and forend is an epoxy and glass ball fill for balance. The materials are of the highest specification and type approved for composite aircraft construction. Standard colour is black, other colours to special order.


Interceptor stocks are ambidextrous and supplied with an adjustable cheek piece; fixed butt plate with spacers as standard. An adjustable three position butt can also be supplied to order or can be readily retro-fitted.

All exposed aluminium parts are anodised for durability and protection against the elements. RPA two stage triggers were developed for competition shooters; this design has been incorporated into the Quadlite® trigger used in the Interceptor.


  • Trigger with adjustable finger pull. Available in two weights 0.5kg & 1.50kg. Hardened and burnished pivots to reduce friction. Smooth operation.
  • All models have a two position safety catch.
  • One piece bolt incorporating a cocked ‘tell tale’.
  • Passive ejector for reliable operation.
  • Receiver drilled to accept scope rails.
  • Short firing pin travel provides for very fast lock time (less than 1.5 milliseconds).
  • Heavy duty recoil plate has locator spigot to allow barrel removal and refitting without compromising the position of the plate to the bedding.
  • Modern shape and materials, finished in satin black, high wear and corrosion resistant finish.
  • Firing pin is a single piece of high tensile steel hardened and tempered.
  • High tensile steels and solid construction make it the safest rifle available.
  • As the designer and manufacturer of your Interceptor, who better than RPA to service your rifle annually.

Interceptor Sporting Rifle Technical Specifications

Calibre 6 BR Norma .243 Win 6.5 x 55SW 6.5 x 284 308 Winchester
Barrel length 26″ (660mm) 26″ (660mm) 26″ (660mm) 28″ (711mm) 26″ (660mm)
Twist rate 1 turn in 8″
(1 turn in 203mm)
1 turn in 8″
(1 turn in 203mm)
1 turn in 9″
(1 turn in 228mm)
1 turn in 9″
(1 turn in 228mm)
1 turn in 12″
(1 turn in 304mm)
Overall length 46″ (1170mm) 46″ (1170mm) 46″ (1170mm) 48″ (1220mm) 46″ (1170mm)
Weight 11 lb (5 Kg) 11 lb (5 Kg) 11 lb (5 Kg) 11.25 lb (5.1 Kg) 11 lb (5 Kg)
Magazine capacity n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Scope mount 2x Weaver 2x Weaver 2x Weaver 2x Weaver 2x Weaver
Threaded for muzzle
brake or sound
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Muzzle brake included Option Option Option Option Option
Sling attachment points Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes